Activities on The Farm

E-bike hire for a 1-day loop

Pick up your e-bikes at the lodge and loop around parts of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail while enjoying the vineyards and artisans of the Waimea Plains.

Kiwi Journeys together with The Pear Orchard Lodge have put together this unique one-day loop for you. Includes a FREE cheese tasting!

See vineyards, fruit orchards and farmland, the Waimea Inlet, The Junction Cheese Shop and other artisans in the Waimea Plains or extend the trip to see Rabbit Island and Mapua or Spooners Tunnel.


Have a private tasting at the lodge

Our region is home to some of the most amazing food and beverage producers in New Zealand! Why not book a private tasting evening at the lodge?
E.g. cheese and cold meats evening tasting session from $250 (up to 8 people) + $12.50 per additional person. Byo wine.
Contact us to book a tasting!

Try our pear honey

We have quite a few beehives on the property near our pear orchard.

Our bee keepers discovered that our hives produce a rather different, pure pear honey!

Pure white and deliciously tasting like… you’ve got it! PEARS! Try some and if you like it, we’ve got some for sale! 

Watch the pear harvest

Every year towards the end of February / beginning of March the commercial harvest of our pears is taking place.
You are welcome to watch, but please keep some distance between you and the tractors whizzing around the orchard with heavy pear bins on their forks!

Enjoy some fresh fruit

Apart from 1,200 pear trees in our orchard, we also have various other fruit trees around the lodge with fruit ripening at different times of the year.

Once our main harvest is done at the end of February/beginning of March, feel free to wander through the pear orchard and pick your own fruit!
Depending on the season, you may also find some ripe feijoas, passion fruit, apricots or plums near the lodge…

Relax by the pond

Our manmade pond is used to irrigate the pear orchard.
It is also home to our Sebastopol geese, pekin ducks, scaup and various other native birds. We are in the process of regenerating the whole area as a native wetland habitat.
Relax in the hammock by the pond and let the birdlife entertain you!

Soak in the outdoor bath

There is a rustic outdoor bath down a short bush track, hidden behind flaxes and regenerating native bush.
The bath is fed by rain water and heated with an open flame. We find there is nothing more relaxing than taking a warm soak surrounded by nature at the end of the day.
Let us know if you would like to have a go!

Explore the farm, bush and orchard

We are in the process of building a network of tracks that lead from the lodge through our gully, with its bubbling creek and regenerating native bush, up to our pear orchard and back across the dam.
There are great views and bird watching opportunities along the way!

Swing on the old tractor tyre

We built a super-duper tyre swing with a massive tractor tyre suspended off an ancient oak tree in the paddock next to the lodge.
This is still within view from the lodge kitchen and verandah, but far enough to give you a little break.
Send your children up there for some great fun!

Relax in the hammocks

We installed hammocks in various parts of the property.

So if you’ve done your dash of adventuring for the day or just feel like chilling out, just put your feet up and just listen to the birds or read a good book!

Take in the views

Our ‘top paddock’ is just that little bit higher than everything else on our property.
We created a little bench seat from which you can take in sweeping 180deg views from Nelson to the Abel Tasman and the Kahurangi National Parks, with Mt. Arthur and Mt. Owen.
This is also the spot to watch spectacular sunsets!

Watch the sheep shearing

Our sheep get shorn once a year around the end of November, beginning of December.

If you happen to be around when the sheep are shorn, you are more than welcome to watch. 

Admire the skills of the shearer and soak up the rustic atmosphere of the traditional, heritage shearing shed.

Feed the ducks and geese

Our semi-tame ducks and geese always pretend that they have never ever been fed.
We have prepared some little feed packages that you are welcome to take and offer them a treat – they’ll love it!
This is a particularly popular activity with children.

Meet the sheep

While most of our sheep will probably run away if you approach them, there are two ‘pet sheep’ in the mix that are a bit nosey.
If you take your time and are patient, Snuggles or Hermione may come up and sniff you out! They do enjoy the occasional back rub… 

Collect fresh eggs

We have a few mixed breed heritage chickens (don’t worry! We got rid of the noisy rooster…).

They are more of a retirement village than a dedicated bunch of efficient layers, so don’t expect too much of them.

However, most of the time there is some bounty to be found in their nests. Your kids will love collecting warm eggs!

Say hi to the cows

We usually have one cow and her calf on the property. They are great bush bashers and are always willing to help mowing long grass.

The cows are curious and friendly characters and enjoy coming up to our guests and being talked to.

Please always supervise your children around the cows! They are large animals and can do some damage.

Take a walk in the countryside

From The Pear Orchard Lodge you can walk straight out the gate and enjoy rural New Zealand as it should be!
Head down Hill Street South to either end for an easy country walk, or if you feel more energetic, there are a number of options to venture up the hills for some amazing views!

Massages and pampering

Literally just down the road is Viktoria’s House of Beauty.
Viktoria is a qualified beauty therapist and nail technician with many years of experience.
So if you think that a massage, nail treatment or facial would be right up your alley, just let us know and we can book you in for your session! Sorry guys, females only!